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Saying "gay"

The “don’t say gay” bill. First off, how unoriginal. The name alone screams “ketchup is spicy” and “I dissociate while screaming and dancing to YMCA at work parties”.

So many things in life feel like they are too dumb to even address because ya know other more important things are happening al a war, famine… but, these policies and politics impact the very real lives of already oppressed people, that are just trying to LIVE. Legislation will not reduce, eradicate or erase the history and pride of an entire community.

For the very real record, you can’t “turn” anyone gay… want proof? *pulls straight Senator out of a hat*. These politicians that have been discussing “gayness” are still identifying as straight (and obnoxious).

I’m also confused as to why people think that being transgender is an option. Don't you think it'd be a lot easier not to live with a painful disconnect between who you are and who the world decided you're supposed to be? Can you imagine how demeaning it is to constantly have this basic part of your personhood be completely misunderstood, or worse, attacked? How mentally and physically exhausting it must be to repeatedly have to defend who you are to people that don’t even care to listen?!! Can you imagine having to do this whilst still trying to find, create and live your best life?

Pronouns are just as complicated as salutations, but you can easily figure it out. Example: if I say “Hey Mr. Smith” and then he says “It’s Dr. Smith”, I quickly apologize and offer that person their respect and use correct, desired language. Just because their salutation isn’t something I would know by just looking at them, once I’m made aware - DBTA. Pronouns haven’t changed, our understanding has expanded. You aren’t learning something new, you are furthering your knowledge with updated concepts. #progress

If you are reading this and you’re straight, how was your coming out party? Oh, you didn’t have one? That’s strange. Never mind, it’s not that strange because you weren’t worried about losing your friends and family, job opportunities nor fearful of threats of violence. So, the idea of a coming out party and celebration wasn’t cultivated to surround, uplift and support you. Coming out is brave, fearless and authentic. To prioritize yourself and your happiness is badass. Know that you are celebrated and supported!

I am often confused why anyone would hate a person that they don’t know. Hating anyone because they look different than you, or their family structure is different from yours is bizarre. Hate is a learned behavior. Literally, the only thing that stops hate is acceptance and understanding which is learned through education.

**Some closing thoughts**

-Hyperfocusing on trans youth is bullying, desperate and exclusionary.

-If your religion says that people aren’t created equal, it’s a cult.

-You can be both curious and quiet.

Something adults and allies can remember via The Trevor Project, “Having at least one accepting adult can reduce the risk of a suicide attempt amoung LGBTQ young people by 40 percent.”

Survival continues to be the strongest form of resistance. Keep showing up as your authentic self, we all deserve to be seen.









+entire spectrum of gender fluidity and sexual identities


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