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Ashley Peterson (she/her)

Owner/ Licensed Professional Counselor


Hello!! I am a provider specializing in psychotherapy, receiving my master’s degree in mental health counseling from the University of the District of Columbia, bachelor’s degree from Hampton University. I treat a myriad of conditions, including anxiety, behavior, adolescent and Millennial issues, depression, couple/family and stress. I am a caring and enthusiastic practitioner whose commitment to quality patient care is foremost in my mind as I evaluate as we develop goals and methods of treatment. I carefully listen to my patients and provide sound advice that would benefit them. Always here to help :) 

My eclectic view of therapy involves treating the client's entire being while combining different modalities and treatments to best aid in recovery and healing. My experience as a clinical therapist includes trauma recovery, family therapy and couples therapy, as well as working with adolescents and adults.

Waseem Amin (he/him/his)


Managing life challenges can be difficult and exhausting, especially during such strange times as the ones we are living through. In addition to helping you navigate this collective trauma, my goal is to help you unearth your path to authenticity and life satisfaction while working through the obstacles that come up, however they might present themselves. 

In our time working together, you will have a safer space in which you can make meaning of your past experiences, understand the patterns causing your current distress, and find the empowerment and coping tools you need to move forward with the changes you would like to see in your life. 

Whether you are here because you are grappling with your LGBTQIA+ identity, are struggling to manage mental health issues, or would simply like to collaborate on finding your way to personal growth, I am here to listen and help you fulfill your goals :)


Shaquana Smith (she/her)



Hello, My name is Shaquana Smith and I am excited to work with you!  I am committed to providing the best therapeutic services to my clients.  I work within several different modalities which allows me to serve a multitude of clients; children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  I have enjoyed introducing a variety of techniques and skills that have acted as a vehicle of change for my clients.  I have a deep appreciation for progress as I understand doing the work isn’t always easy. 


My goal is to assist with the development of psychological and emotional well being and stability.  I am passionate about the mental health field and am excited to assist you along your journey.

Jazzmyn Proctor (she/her)

Counseling Intern


My name is Jazzmyn Proctor and I am passionate about creating an open and supportive environment for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, to work towards their goals. With a client-centered approach, I believe in developing a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust, empathy, and understanding. 


With experience in community mental health settings, I have a unique perspective on the therapeutic process and the benefits that it can provide. I have worked with a culturally diverse range of clients; from children to adults, serving the LGBTQI+ community and providing research based interventions to assist clients reaching their goals. I truly enjoy providing collaborative spaces for individuals, couples or families to embark on their healing journeys and explore the meaning behind their past and present experiences.

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