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I started last year off motivated to work full time at someone else’s practice and very much looking forward to becoming complacent. I put in so much time and effort for my graduate degree and licensure hours that all I wanted to do was work for someone else, doing what I love, catching these coins and going home! But as with most things, my plans changed. Once I began working for someone else, I started to think... why not work for myself !! So I began making a checklist and slowly over the course of six or seven months, I checked everything off that I needed to do in order to open up my own practice (I found out how to on google, #millennial power). The one thing that stayed on my checklist always was to be patient. It was a constant reminder to myself that things will happen, but they happen when they happen, and when they do happen, it’s best to be prepared. I’m going into this year fully vested in myself!! I want more and I'm not afraid to ask for it and take what I deserve! I want to do more work, I want more knowledge, I want to gain more education, I want to continue to better myself, develop myself, and be the best therapist and woman that I can be. I also want to make more time for myself. I want to build myself up so high that I am no longer surprised by my successes, but expecting them! My clients often ask me to share one of my favorite affirmations, and that affirmation is a line from The Carter’s song "Nice", Jay Z raps “what would you do {if} you knew you couldn’t fail, I have no fear of anything, {I} do everything well”. That line always stuck out to me and gave me cause to just pause and reflect and ask... what would I be, what could I be, if I just allowed myself to assume and envision that I could do anything! How powerful we could all be if we just assumed that we could do whatever we wanted to do and then worked hard to get there? The power of that unlocked a completely different part of my brain and subconscious! I make the effort anytime that I have a negative thought to challenge it with a positive one. Why waste my time preparing for failure when I’m working toward success?! So in 2020 I’m choosing me, I’m betting on myself and even though my destinations will always change, I trust and believe I will make it!

Happy New Year, wishing you self discovery, growth and confidence!


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