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New Beginnings

I’ve often been asked what my logo is for my business. Previously, I just didn’t see a need and the other part was not knowing what image could fully represent me and what could represent my business as well. Then I thought about the different ways that orchids have come into my life, what I’ve learned through the process of growing them, and what they’ve come to represent.

Orchids represent to me a new beginning and that it can happen at any time. That there can be so much beauty in something ending after it’s served its purpose. A beautiful reminder of something new, a fresh start and all of the hope and possibility that comes with that. Now I have 3 beautiful orchids that are in all different phases of their cycles, colors and sizes that produce different outcomes each cycle. I’ve learned to see the beauty in each petal falling day by day, learning that beauty is not only rooted in beginnings.

It doesn’t matter what cycle you are in, in your life when you’re looking for help. There’s beauty in all of those spaces and phases and with a little patience and nurturing you’ll arrive at the place you’ve been searching for. Ashley Peterson Counseling Services will be there to support you through each phase and bloom cycle.


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