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Mother's Day reminders by Shaquana Smith

Happy Mother’s Day!

As a black woman, a mother and a clinician in the mental health field, I would like to say IT’S OKAY TO BE TIRED!

Mothers tend to say, “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done”, when we should be saying “It just won’t get done.” Often mothers put 110% into their children and significant others and I praise them for doing this because it’s self-less and it’s from love. I encourage Moms to remember that while understandable, this self-less behavior supports everyone else but it does not support YOU. Mothering is mentally, physically and emotionally draining, who's putting 110% into you?

Here are a few things that are normal and okay to do, say, feel and think….

It’s okay to not want to be touched by tiny hands

It's okay to miss your old life

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed

It’s okay to take a break

it’s okay to say ‘f*@# th!$

it’s okay to cry and feel emotional

Having opposite or conflicting feelings makes you human, mothers get to be humans too!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and I encourage you all to take some time for yourselves. A change of setting can be refreshing.

-Shaquana Smith MOM, LPGC


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