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I’ve recently been on a deep dive aka hyperfixation with redecorating. I discovered peel and stick Wallpaper! Accepted the self imposed challenge of painting the living room and dining room, and just finished the laundry room this weekend! I assumed that this is a hyperfixation and I typically just ride it out 🤷🏽‍♀️. I’m getting the serotonin boosts and everything looks nice so it feels like a win win situation. Then this morning I was again online looking at paint colors and cross referencing the colors I like with what they represent and it hit me! When we moved into our home a couple years ago, I had no idea who I was, what my style was or how to even decorate a house.. so I didn’t do anything. I chose a white color with the smallest hint of sparkle and told the painters just do the whole house this color. My thought was white matches anything, but also too many decisions I’m overwhelmed and I can’t make a decision. Also, it’s important to note we moved into our house before the pandemic so with work and busy weekends I didn’t spend too much time thinking about what I wanted to change. Then the damn panini struck! Once this happened we were all forced to look at the life we created. I could see where my time and energy was placed and it wasn’t in my home. So FFW, after everything exploded and work was just insane and life was intense I started buying more furniture here and there. Little missing pieces that I never stopped to evaluate the room and figure out what was needed. Then this year it’s no coincidence that the more I have felt empowered in myself and authentic in my style and career that it has led to me feeling more confident making these other bold decisions. I’m saying yes more than I’m saying no to opportunities! I’m telling myself if I don’t like something I can change it, then I’m changing it 🤯! As therapists we literally empower people all day everyday and sometimes we don’t immediately register that what I’m saying to someone else, is valid for me as well. This is also why I always say, there is no new information- we are just in different spaces when we receive it. Go figure that the work that I’ve done on myself this year to improve my confidence, step into my power and be unapologetically me has spilled over into other areas of my life.

If you follow me @apcounselingdmv or have worked with me,

you know I am team vision board all the way. It’s like a set it and forget it for me and then I will check in monthly/quarterly and see what I’ve done to match my intentions. It’s unbelievable that that vision board I made 12/31/2021 has literally served as an outline of my year thus far. By saying yes to opportunities it created a space for me to think more intentionally about my business/my brand, who I am as a person and my beliefs and values evolution. My vision board forces me to acknowledge myself and my progress, it’s loud and undeniable!

So per usual, I am really trying to post with a schedule but sometimes I’m too busy living and creating the life that I’ve been dreaming of and I’m okay with that…for now ;)


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