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Helloooo!!! Welcome back if you’ve been here before and Welcome if it’s your first time visiting!!! I’ve been super busy building and growing but I’m back and I’m recommitting myself to monthly blogs in addition to the weekly post and videos #therapythursdays on our IG @apcounselingDMV & Twitter @apcounseling1.

This month I wanted to focus on grounding techniques, as it has been a large part of my life and my practice. Grounding techniques help you refocus on the present and pull you back into the now when the past/trauma/ruminating thoughts/ negative thoughts are trying to rule your day. Through my work I have found that persons with belief systems tend to have better coping skills (i.e. religion, spirituality, energy etc.). Growing up I was raised Christian and a large set of my values and belief systems were developed in the faith. As I got older sometimes my immediate faith wasn’t enough to keep me grounded. Specifically when my father passed away from cancer. I couldn’t reconcile my faith, my higher power allowing this to happen?! The belief that this was Gods plan was more than I could manage or believe. I didn’t think that I would be able to make it through this challenging time in my life but, *spoiler alert* I made it!!! As I made it through it began to become my testimony, my truth was that I made it through some of the toughest days, and I’ve continued to make it through!! This is when I realized that I’m my grounding technique. No matter what happens I have proven to myself that I can make it through my hardest days, that even when I think that I can’t, I can!! Often times we get overwhelmed with where we are and can’t even begin to think about what it would look like to get past it, but we can, YOU can. As soon as a new challenge is presented I remind myself that I have successfully conquered my darkest days, and it grounds me and propels me forward. What grounds you?

xx Ashley xx


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