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  • Writer's pictureAshley Peterson, LPC

Coping with all things Covid

Providing therapy in a pandemic has been challenging. We weren’t trained for this, and typically you don’t prepare someone for trauma per se, nor are you experiencing the same trauma with your client! Managing transference when you share the same fears can be challenging, but it’s also reassuring knowing that we were, in fact, trained for that. As this began to unfold and continues to unfold, we began with plausible optimism and coping skills for anxiety and hope. As things continued to progress, we were challenged with depression/depressive symptoms, OCD tendencies, and hopelessness. We are all currently experiencing the same trauma on different levels and it’s so bizarre. In spaces where it’s usually comforting to be sharing an experience, we all equally hate it and aren’t feeling that collective better you than me (except for the celebrities lol, they are living very different lives). Taking it one day at a time has never been so meaningful and necessary. Quarantine also, has presented many challenges, am I okay? Will I be okay? Is this normal? Am I handling things well? What will life look like after this? Was that an allergy cough or should I be more concerned? So many questions, not so many defined definite answers. Life is hard. Some days are easy. Some days I’m fully prepared to get things done and my energy and will are nowhere in sight. What keeps me going is knowing that I’ve survived everything I always thought I wouldn’t or couldn’t. So even on days where I am like absolutely not!.... I’m reminded that I absolutely can! Complaining and cursing about things and sometimes even people, but  despite it, this can happen. I make the choice everyday to dream about better days. Sometimes that dream involves sand, but lately it’s just new Amazon deliveries and it’s enough.. if only for today, because today is all that matters :)


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